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Barely Hairy

A quick rundown on hair removal history and modern solutions.
(Hint: even barbarians kept it, ahem, tidy.)
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It may seem that waxing in general, and the Brazilian wax in particular, is having a moment. Our mothers didn’t bother with it (maybe a little shave for a tidy bathing suit line), and definitely not our grandmothers. Just a few decades ago, bikini/Brazilian waxing was unheard of. And it’s true that waxing is something of a modern trend… but there are ancient roots here, pun intended.

A Lil' History

According the Encyclopedia of Hair, copper razors from 3,000 BC were found in Egypt and Mesopotamia. Occasionally, paintings from the 1500s show women with little or no pubic hair. Egyptian art depicts women with small perfect triangles of pubic hair. In ancient Greece, having pubic hair was thought to be uncivilized. Archaeologists believe many cultures scraped their faces and bodies with seashells, sharp rocks, flints, etc. to remove hair (ouch!) and “sugaring” is a practice that originated in the Middle East and involved cooking sugar and lemon together. Historians find evidence that even cavemen removed hair from their heads and bodies—having no hair meant an opponent had less to grab hold of in a fight and hairlessness reduced mites on the skin.

Most women under 40 in America are removing much or all their pubic hair. Some do it at a partner’s request, some for psychosocial motivations, and some just for personal preference. Regardless of your reason, what method would suit you best?


Shaving is a quick, DIY chore you can do anytime you like. Well, kinda but not really. The instant stubble driving you crazy and you wanna take that razor back to it? Sure, if you love pain. It’ll only return yet again by dinner time and probably even angrier. Many women stick to shaving because they’re scared of the pain or expense of waxing. And it can work in a pinch when you suddenly need a tidy bikini line. But shaving as a way of life means almost constant stubble, itching, razor burn, cuts, irritation, and basically a five o’clock shadow on your kitty pretty much all the time. Hair is growing constantly and there’s nothing like shaved privates to drive this truth home (and drive you up. the. wall.) I mean, notice how a man’s facial hair is back by the end of the day? If you’ve just shaved—and it went well, that is—you’ve got, oh, a few hours to enjoy…

Depilatory Creams

Some women use Nair or other brands to remove body hair. Please keep in mind this is a controlled chemical burn. Always test a patch first. Also, this is not a safe way to give yourself a clean Brazilian look. The chemical is not safe near our most sensitive skin.

Electrolysis or Laser Removal

Must be done perfectly by a professional. Laser removal isn’t actually perfectly permanent and tends to work best on light skin with dark hair, so it’s not for everyone. Electrolysis is not for wussies; makes a wax feel like a hot towel treatment. Just sayin.


Works similarly to waxing except the mixture is applied against direction of hair growth. This service is harder to find, requires a mastery skill level, and costs more than waxing.


Nobody is threading pubes... are they? Eek.


Waxing is quick and effective. Unlike with shaving, waxing removes hair at the follicle and leaves the skin absolutely baby smooth. While your hair is back in a few hours after a shave, it will be weeks before waxed hair peeks through—and it doesn’t return all at once meaning you don’t have a shadow or a “grown out” look. The hairs return with a soft tip, not a sharp, blunt tip like a shaved hair. Over time, hair regrowth is softer and finer. Waxing done by a pro reduces any post-hair removal skin irritation. Waxing is very quick and any discomfort during the wax is nothing compared to the intense and nonstop misery of stubble, razor burn, and growing pains after shaving.

Get ya wax, girl

You know we are serious wax advocates—and with good reason! If you haven’t tried it yet, really—give it a go. We bet you an artisanal doughnut you’ll never go back. And if it’s just really freaking you out, no worries, just try a simple bikini wax—it’s not much hair at all and women are surprised that “it wasn’t even that bad” after all. Happy waxing!


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