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  • Will waxing hurt?

    We are highly trained estheticians and we see 5-15 clients per day; we have perfected the art of the wax! Our techniques ensure that the sting goes as fast as it comes--you won't even feel it once it's done. Pain is a concern of all first time wax clients but, rest assured, we make your experience as quick and painless as possible.

    What are the advantages of waxing?

    During waxing the hair is removed from the root. This results in hair that grows back far softer as compared to hair that has been shaved or otherwise removed at the skin's surface. When waxing is kept up regularly (every 4-5 weeks) the hair will begin to grow back more sparsely which will in turn result in faster, more comfortable waxes as time goes on.

    What is a Brazilian wax?

    A Brazilian wax is a service in which all hair is removed: in and out, front and back, side to side. The front area is waxed while laying on your back; the rear area is waxed on all fours. The rear area is actually the quickest, most painless area to wax and ensures the proper removal of all hair for a true Brazilian wax. While the Brazilian is usually an all-bare style, you can leave a strip of hair in any shape you choose off our wax styles chart.

    How long should I wait between waxing appointments?

    The recommended time span is 4-5 weeks. This amount of time allows the hair to reach perfect waxing length again while not allowing the growth to get out of control. If much more time passes and more hair is allowed to grow back, it can feel like starting over again. Waxing at the regular 4-5 week interval provides the smoothest and most comfortable waxes. *Note: some areas, such as underarms or face, can be waxed every 2-3 weeks.

    What if I've been shaving or trimming?

    You will need to stop shaving so that hair can grow to a length of approximately 1/4 inch; this takes 10-14 days. It will take about two waxes to achieve total smoothness since we will be waxing in the middle of the hair's natural growth cycle. Minimal stubble can be tweezed but you can look forward to sleek, smooth skin following the second wax after you put down that razor!

    Can pregnant women wax?

    Of course! We wax pregnant women up until their 38th week. Waxing is not recommended once dilation begins nor within a week of a scheduled C-section.

    Can women wax during menstruation?

    Yes. We are completely comfortable as long as you are. Arrive for your appointment freshly showered and wear a tampon. During this time of the menstrual cycle, women are a bit more sensitive so you may consider an over the counter pain reliever about half an hour before your appointment and avoid caffeine.

    How young can a bikini or body wax client be?

    We do offer teen waxing. Many youth feel more confidence during activities such as swimming, cheering, etc. when they are not self-conscious about body hair. We can see clients as young as 12 years old as long they have an adult guardian present.

    What kind of wax do you use?

    We use only the highest quality waxes available around the world. Our hard wax is designed for sensitive areas like the bikini, underarm, and face. We use a non-honey based strip wax on larger areas like the legs, arms, abdomen, and back because the skin is tougher and firmer in these areas.

    Will I break out after a wax?

    We have arrived at the million dollar question! In nearly a decade of waxing, I have seen very few clients 'break out' following a wax. People assume this is an allergic reaction but in reality post-wax bumps are the result of inflamed follicles. There are many different skin types; most do fine but some may experience a few bumps and this is normal as well. The single best way to avoid irritation is to follow the post-wax care protocol. In the event that you have a reaction that lasts longer than 24 hours, call the salon for proper care directions. Usually aloe vera and an ice pack do the trick. I have found that Neosporin or cortisone creams actually worsen any irritation. Our skin heals and regenerates itself overnight so any irritated skin is most often much happier the following day.  

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