The Best Wax in San Antonio

We use only the finest Australian waxes and they are specialized for their purpose: our hard wax is designed for delicate skin areas; our non-honey-based strip waxes are made especially for thicker-skinned areas, such as the back and the legs.

Our tints are all-natural and vegetable based-completely safe for skin and eyes. Adds extra definition to lashes & brows.


*Can you wax? See contraindications below.



*Do not wax if you:

               -are taking blood thinners.
               -are taking an oral or topical acne medication, such as Accutane. 
               -are sunburned on area to be waxed.

*Discontinue use of Retin-A, Renova, or any strong chemical exfoliant 5-7 days prior to wax.
*If you are diabetic you will need a written release from your physican stating that body waxing is safe for you.